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A collection of some of my best work


During the summer of 2018 I challenged myself to find a game idea, develop it, polish it and finally publish it. I decided to make a hyper casual game for mobile devices (IOS/Android). Circle fly was created in 3 weeks and is currently available to download on both Appstore and PlayStore. During the development of this game I got to learn about ad's workflow, menus, In game purchases, tweening.



Planet X is a game our team developed during the Game Jam 2019. The team consisted of 3 people 2 Designers and 1 Engineer. Being the only Engineer in the group, I got to learn a lot about unity and how to make a fun game in only 48 hours.



Insectomancer was developed as a school project during 2nd year of studies. It was developed by a team of 8 people (3 Engineers, 5 Designers) including me. 
Working with so many people made me learn more about working in a team using tools such as Git and Sourcetree and methodoligies like Scrum. In this project I got to work on charatcer movement/abilities, companion movement/abilites, Hud, UI and Menus. The game was made using Unity Engine and C#


Asgard is a game we developed during the first year of my studies. The team consisted of 2 Engineers and 4 Designers. During this project i got to work on AI/Steering Behaviours for 3D enemies, SFX,Particle systems and menus. The game was made using Unity and C#


Shinjou is a Japanese-themed game that I worked on together with a team of 6 members (3 Engineers, 3 Designers) during a school project. My focus lied on scripting the player's movement and his mechanics (e.g. reflecting projectiles), yet I also scripted all HUD elements. All scripting was done Unity and C# and additional tools used were Git/Sourcetree and Scrum.


Planet is a solo project I got to develop for my Unity 3D course assignment. My task was to create a Unity game that would showcase my skills in the engine and c#. I later on released Planet in the Google playstore.
This was my first game developed in the U
ntiy engine so I got to learn a lot about unity's workflow and component system.



During the beginning of 2nd year we started learning C++. For the course we had to do a written exam and optionally build a 2D game in SFML to get a higher grade. Special addition were extending SFML by adding component system, simple Rigidbody component, audio components etc. The game i chose to showcase the engine is the classical Asteroid game.


In this 4 week project we were told to create a Game in a custom engine created by us from scratch. We were a team of 8 people(3 engineers, 3 artists and 2 designers). The Engine had to be made in c++ and using open gl as a graphic library. The video showcases the game we created called "Basin".
During this project I got to work on the "Rendering Pipeline", core functionality of the engine like component system, scene system and Level editor for the engine. 
Additionally, I also focused on mechanics of the game itself like painting the tiles, bombs, cannons and the grid system. 

Previous Internship

Working at Vodafone Albania made me learn a lot about working in a big company and what it means to work with a team in a professional environment. 


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